Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fit Moms Mean Secured Kids

If you are quite observant, you would notice that many moms are aiming to be fit today. After giving birth for a month or two, they are already hitting the gym to shed the extra pounds they gained during pregnancy.

Fitting in their previous clothes could be one of the reasons for this. Being able to wear their pre-maternity clothes means they can save enough money for the needs of their new babies. 

However, there is a deeper cause for this fitness decision among most moms. They want to protect or secure their kids against anyone or anything that can hurt them. An example of this would be protection from physical assault. Like it or not and ready or not, our kids could be a direct victim of any crime possible. If we moms are not strong enough to protect ourselves, how else can we defend our kids? Moreover, sickly moms could mean huge liabilities or responsibilities for very young kids. Instead of taking care of their kids, they are the ones who are taken care of by their kids. How else can their little ones enjoy their childhood?

Getting fit does not happen overnight. It includes realization of baby steps you take one at a time. Start today before it is too late.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Healthy Reasons To Try Seafood Diet

Seafoods are effective in reducing weight - As  I have mentioned in my previous post, eating seafoods can help anyone lose weight tremendously. This is in accordance to the research results of a British scientist at University College named Rachael Batterhorn. She reports that eating more seafood increases the hormone called peptide YY which is responsible for fighting hunger in our bodies.

Seafoods reduce chances of Cancer and Diabetes - Eating tuna, a fish that is rich in Omega 3, is proven by researches as key in controlling levels of blood sugar and cholesterol in the body. Omega 3 components are also proven to help healthy cells fight can cells that produce  tumor. If ever the tumor is already present, they interfere the growth of tumor-producing cells to prevent cancer from happening.

Seafoods promote good health for unborn babies in their moms' wombs - Again, the rich supply of Omega 3 in the mom's body during pregnancy helps in the healthy development of the brain and its brain functions of the fetus. Omega 3 is also responsible in the formation of nerves all through out the body of the fetus.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Healthy Reasons To Try Seafood Diet

If you are not allergic to seafoods, a  seafood is something you must try particularly when you want to be healthy and not just lose weight. Apart from plants, most medicines found to be effective in curing a lot of diseases are made from creatures living in the sea - animals and plants alike.

Seafoods are rich with Omega-3 Fatty Acids - These acids are combinations of eicosapentaenoic, docosahexaenoic and alpha-linolenic acids. All three contribute to the enhancement of brain functions, fortifying the cardiovasular and immune systems and anti-inflammatory features of the body.

Seafoods eliminate heart diseases - Researches show that people who prefer eating seafood than beef, pork or chicken have higher possibilities to escape heart problems. Their regular eating of seafoods has normalized their heart rhythms, reduced chances of stroke, aided the red blood cells to save closing arteries and relaxed the walls of blood vessels.

Seafoods provide protection against Alzheimer's - Thanks to fishes like tuna that are rich in Omega 3. They are all good in keeping possibilities of Alzheimer's at bay.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Benefits Of Running

A mother who has just given birth would certain do everything to shed the pregnancy weight the soonest possible time. They say breastfeeding is the key to it. While that is true, you will also need to move your body and sweat to become the slim woman you once where.

I personally got into running for this purpose. It has been effective and I have noticed the gradual decrease in my waistline as early as week's time. To my surprise, I acquired other benefits from it particularly depression. There were times when I get sleep deprived because of the unusual waking and sleeping hours  of my newborn. Because of which I'm stressed out and lonely. When it's my husband turn to care for the baby,  I devote at least an hour each day to running. As I sweat, I feel relief and the loneliness just goes away.

One more thing I noticed when I reached a month of running is that I seldom get tired and my breathing has improved. Before I even became pregnant, there were physical activities which I was not able to do in a consecutive manner as I get tired fast. Running has gotten my entire body into top shape and my tolerance to physically-challenging activities increased.

Lastly, I have wider perspective in life. When  I run, I try to enjoy the sceneries and people I encounter along the way because I know enough that staying at home would not give me this opportunity.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gingivitis And Pregnancy

Mood swings are expected when you are pregnant because of the hormonal changes happening inside your body. Besides this phenomena, gingivitis may happen to you. Dental experts say that it is common but not all pregnant women experience it. Gingivitis or bleeding gums is brought about by the increased levels of progesterone. This hormone, in most cases, causes a bacteria to grow in heaps in the gums and eventually cause the bleeding.

If you have observed that your gums are beginning to look very red and feeling tender, do not wait for another month before you consult your dentist. Get a consultation right away before the swelling gets severe. Uncured gingivitis during pregnancy can cause premature birth.

Brushing, flossing and gargling with a mouthwash regularly may alleviate the condition. But the surest way to combat it is to consult your dentist regularly. Your dentist can perform a non-invasive treatment for it to ensure that the bacteria produce by it does not get to your unborn child.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good Dental Care As Part Of Your Fitness Plan

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Having a fit body is not all about exercising just to achieve the type of body that you desire. It also includes keeping your entire body clean and well-groomed. That can be achieved, of course, by eating hearty foods and avoiding damaging practices.

Keeping your gums and teeth healthy is one of the many ways through which you can ensure that your body is in top condition. Perhaps, you have already heard it many times that certain health problems are related to the exact state of our pearly whites and the gums holding them together. They can be safeguarded from harm through regular brushing and flossing.

Did you know that there are natural procedures that are advantageous for your dental care? First of all, eating  fruits and vegetables can bring back the natural shine to your pearly whites. Munching on crispy apples and carrots can remove the stubborn stains on your teeth. This a better option than making use of bleaching solutions that are known to damage cells. If doing so is not enough for you, try combining baking soda with toothpaste to whiten your teeth.

Some take calcium tablets to ensure that they bones and pearly whites are stronger than ever. In this aspect, nothing beats drinking of milk on a regular basis. This practice can give other nutrients that you need besides calcium. Avoiding large sugar intakes can save gums and pearly whites from the dangers of plaque causing bacteria. These bacteria make the gums bleed and the teeth to decay rapidly.

Seeing a dentist regularly is also key to having good dental health and overall health. A dentist can perform prophylaxis and diagnose early any dental problem that could be a symptom of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. With that, you can be quickly referred to a medical treatment before your condition worsens.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Going Under The Knife - Understanding The Risks

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I have got a few friends considering to go under the knife as they cannot endure the amount of effort and time they need to spend in the gym just to achieve their dream figure. While this promises a quick resolution, this is something I personally dislike and would discourage my friends to have because of the many risks it entails. Following are the common risks one must endure after undergoing such a surgery.

Infections - Infections are inevitable even if it is a simple tummy tuck. Surgeons will definitely use antibiotics to combat them. But complications might arise should the antibiotics fail to match your body chemistry.

Hemotoma - For a period of time, your skin could appear black and blue. Some would have to endure these for a couple of months only. But some, just do not get healed of them even after a couple of years.

Anesthesia Problems - As we all know, bodies have different ways of responding to injections of anesthesia. History of cardiovascular or heart diseases can disqualify anyone from getting anesthesia and plastic surgery for both can mean death.

Failed Expectations - No matter how planned your surgery is and no matter how competent your surgeon is, you cannot be assured that you will get your desired look. Study the case of those who underwent plastic surgery that has gone bad.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Workout Stuffs Moms Need To Exercise With Ease

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Even though you are simply working out at home, you must not forget all the things you need in making the most out of the physical exercises that you go through. Don't get me wrong. This is not all about the pieces of equipment available in stores. You need not turn your house or your room into a mini gym by all means. These are the things which you will personally use every time you sweat out those extra pounds.

Appropriate Shoes - Sneakers would not do even if you are just exercising at home. Get a good pair of running or trainers shoes that will protect your feet all the way. You can ask the sales agents in sportswear stores for help on this one.

Best Sports Bra - A good sports bra can give the support that you need especially when you are running and covering quite a distance. Although branded bras usually are the reliable ones when it comes to support, but there are un-branded ones which you can count on without spending a fortune.

Workout Tops And Pants - Cotton clothes would not serve you well when working out. It is always best to go for dri-fit clothes that are recommended by trainers. Depending  on your budget, you can get a very affordable pair that will suit your body measurements and preferences.

Mp3 Player Or iPod - Without music plugged into your ears, you might get bored easily while working out. Get your music gadget ready and fill it with soundtracks that will keep you all pumped up to workout.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Fitness Programs (For Moms) Continued

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Boxing Classes
Boxing classes are no longer exclusive for the males. This is a fact that has been around for a long time. Even though you would not be out for an actual boxing match, boxing classes are a great way to build your endurance. This is something that can work best for you especially when your days are packed with many responsibilities. As you train like a pro boxer, your coordination and reflexes would improve. Should you be trapped in unwanted circumstances in the future, you can respond in the light of self-protection. Among women, kick boxing classes are famous choices. Through them women, particularly moms, are able to relieve stress in a fun and lively way.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga means contact combat in the Hebrew language. Through this workout, Israeli authorities learn how to defend themselves from the assaults of evil doers, law breakers and even violent protesters. Women taking Krav Maga are taught practical steps on how to escape grabs from behind and choke holds. These are common attacks from males can be easily blocked with the right kicks, punches and positioning of yourself. Krav Maga is great for moms and young ladies alike for self-defense.

Should you decide to take any of the two classes, be sure to do it with the help of able professionals. Research first for contact information of the trusted names in the field before enrolling yourself.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Learning New Fitness Programs Today

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We moms all have different ways to work out and all these depend on the daily responsibilities we handle and the extra time we have. Most of us do exercise at the comfort of our own homes so that we can look after the kids or do other house chores. With the help of some exercise equipment, DVD players, television sets and recorded aerobic exercises, pilates and yoga we can get fit even on our own. Doing this on a regular basis can be quite boring though. And when you no longer delight in exercising, you might simply slip out of your exercise routine.

Enrolling in a class that suits your free time or me time would be a great option to take in order for you not to lose interest in keeping yourself fit. There are fitness centers today which offer great fitness classes that can make you feel good and confident about your physical strengths. These are the goals of fitness routines like boxing and krav maga. In fact, some moms do want to learn them in order to give protection to themselves and to their children.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Great Ways To Exercise The Body And Mind

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Playing with board games and flash cards could be very boring for kids. Event though these games can sharpen their minds, there are other ways to have the same benefits while enjoying the outdoors with them. What's more, they can have fit bodies from playing under the sun with you. You might get surprised that you are shedding the extra fats too.

1) jumping on a giant trampoline
2) climbing trees and walls
3) joining camp activities
4) biking, skateboarding, skiing
5) swimming and exploring the shore for interesting stuffs like shells and starfish
6) briskwalking and jogging along parks
7) chasing after your pet dogs
8) learning dance moves  from street dancers

All the activities mentioned above can  provide a number of benefits to your child - mental, physical, psychological and social benefits. As you spend time in the outdoors, the kids get an opportunity to socialize with other kids and adults around.

Sweating out the stress and toxins they might have acquired from home or school. This cannot only increase their fitness level but also their concentration level. Consequently, they  can have higher grades in school and have a ready mind to know more.
As for your health as an adult, you can maintain a healthier heart, stronger bones and muscles and better memory.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Go Paleo Diet - Is This Safe For Modern Moms?

The paleo diet can often be heard from celebrity moms who have been successful in shedding off the extra pounds in their bodies. As the term suggests, this kind of diet is related to how the cavemen used to eat. They eat all the edible meats, plants and fruits available in their surroundings without cooking them. 

'Is it safe?' This is the first question asked by regular moms who want to give it try. Many relevant articles say that it is safe and no record of death has been reported in relation to it. Since we are used to eating cooked food, our bodies might have a hard time adjusting to it and so it is wise to try everything in a slow phased manner.

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You can start by getting rid of the junk foods in your cupboard. Our bodies has the capability to burn fats fast but not glucose. It is actually the sugar from these junk foods which make us gain the extra pounds. Starting Monday to Friday, eat only fresh foods. There are a bunch of paleo diet meal plans available in the internet if you are clueless of what to eat. During the weekend, you can grab a bite of the foods you used to enjoy. In the coming weeks, slowly deprive yourself of such foods until your body gets fully comfortable with paleo meals.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Exercising When Expecting A Baby - Part 2

Walking, swimming and low-impact aerobics are great activities which give multiple benefits to the cardiovascular system of an expecting mother. If you do not have extra funds to buy pieces of exercise equipment or exercise wear, walking is something you can do as your womb increase in size. Walking would not hurt your knees and legs.

Low-impact aerobics may be done indoors or outdoors. You can do it on your own or with an instructor. As your heart gets stronger in every move, your body gets toned too. Pregnant moms who are scared of health risks against their babies take swimming classes just to exercise their bodies. Medical experts attest that swimming is the safest of all the exercises as the pregnant moms do not feel much pressure and weight when in the water.

As for flexibility, stretching and yoga may be included in a pregnant mom's daily routine. Yoga tones the muscle while they are being stretched to attain flexibility. Just like walking it has less impact on your joints. Be sure to take the intensity level that is fit for your condition though. Stretching, on the other hand, can free your muscles from strain. Gently stretch your upper and lower limbs for flexibility. Refrain from stretching harder or longer than what you can bear.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Exercising When Expecting A Baby - Part 1

Who says you cannot work out while you are pregnant? Honestly, I previously thought so. I am a glad that I had a change of heart about exercising during this stage of motherhood as many medical experts attest that exercising when expecting has many benefits to both the mom and the child.

These specialists say that it improves the mood and sleep patterns of the mother. It also reduces the pregnancy aches and pains most of us complain about.

Weight management is also a great factor for pregnant women. Why? This is because gestational diabetes and preeclampsia may happen any time. By exercising you can keep both at bay and you will be prepared for childbirth. It strengthens muscles and builds endurance which you will need in the delivery. It is much easier to get back in shape after childbirth! ---> Something we all moms look forward to! :-)

Monday, March 25, 2013

8 Quick Diet Tips For Moms

Moms definitely need to be nourished in order to get a lot of things done in a day. But with nourishment, it does not mean that we have to eat as much so that we can get as much energy. We must eat wisely to keep the unwanted fats from claiming our health and keep our bodies nurtured with all the nutrients needed.

Here are some quick tips which can get every mom started on dieting the right way:

  1. Eat 3 small meals and 3 small snacks each day.
  2. Ensure eating protein rich foods for every meal.
  3. So for complex carbs when you need energy for a heavy task.
  4. Eat lots of green leafy veggies.
  5. Eat lots of fruits - all kinds of fruits.
  6. Eat healthy fats in the form of olive oil, coconut oil, peanut butter and avocado.
  7. Cook your food the healthy way – grill, steam or use of vegetable oil.
  8. Do not get tired  of repeating these steps to get the best results.