Sunday, August 11, 2013

Going Under The Knife - Understanding The Risks

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I have got a few friends considering to go under the knife as they cannot endure the amount of effort and time they need to spend in the gym just to achieve their dream figure. While this promises a quick resolution, this is something I personally dislike and would discourage my friends to have because of the many risks it entails. Following are the common risks one must endure after undergoing such a surgery.

Infections - Infections are inevitable even if it is a simple tummy tuck. Surgeons will definitely use antibiotics to combat them. But complications might arise should the antibiotics fail to match your body chemistry.

Hemotoma - For a period of time, your skin could appear black and blue. Some would have to endure these for a couple of months only. But some, just do not get healed of them even after a couple of years.

Anesthesia Problems - As we all know, bodies have different ways of responding to injections of anesthesia. History of cardiovascular or heart diseases can disqualify anyone from getting anesthesia and plastic surgery for both can mean death.

Failed Expectations - No matter how planned your surgery is and no matter how competent your surgeon is, you cannot be assured that you will get your desired look. Study the case of those who underwent plastic surgery that has gone bad.