Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fit Moms Mean Secured Kids

If you are quite observant, you would notice that many moms are aiming to be fit today. After giving birth for a month or two, they are already hitting the gym to shed the extra pounds they gained during pregnancy.

Fitting in their previous clothes could be one of the reasons for this. Being able to wear their pre-maternity clothes means they can save enough money for the needs of their new babies. 

However, there is a deeper cause for this fitness decision among most moms. They want to protect or secure their kids against anyone or anything that can hurt them. An example of this would be protection from physical assault. Like it or not and ready or not, our kids could be a direct victim of any crime possible. If we moms are not strong enough to protect ourselves, how else can we defend our kids? Moreover, sickly moms could mean huge liabilities or responsibilities for very young kids. Instead of taking care of their kids, they are the ones who are taken care of by their kids. How else can their little ones enjoy their childhood?

Getting fit does not happen overnight. It includes realization of baby steps you take one at a time. Start today before it is too late.