Monday, January 4, 2016

Have a Meaningful 2016 with These Suggestions

If your 2015 didn't turn out to be as purposeful as you have planned, don't be discouraged. You can try again this year. Whether you're keeping your last year's goals or not, you might find the list of activities below worth doing this year. Read on.

Volunteer - Have you ever tried volunteering? Volunteering can be physically draining but all the hardships you'll encounter along the way makes your whole volunteer experience truly rewarding. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to become happier and create a better version of yourself. According  to psychologists, people become happier and grateful when they're able to help other people.

Reconnect with family and friends - A 2010 study in the journal PLoS Medicine states that 'lack of social bonds can damage your health as much as alcohol abuse and smoking, and even more than obesity and lack of exercise.' This means you can lengthen your life span by simply reconnecting with old family and friends and strengthening your bonds with them.

Go back to school - If you're looking to change the direction of your career path, going back to school must be on the top of your bucket list for this year. The new knowledge you'll gain in school can boost your self-confidence, create new possibilities and provide new friends for you.  A 2007 study even stated that middle-aged adults who went back to school are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Travel - Traveling allows treat life as an adventure and not a boring cycle or routine. It recharges your body, mind and soul after days or even months of tedious work. It lets you learn new things about and rediscover other facets of your personality.