Friday, May 31, 2013

Exercising When Expecting A Baby - Part 1

Who says you cannot work out while you are pregnant? Honestly, I previously thought so. I am a glad that I had a change of heart about exercising during this stage of motherhood as many medical experts attest that exercising when expecting has many benefits to both the mom and the child.

These specialists say that it improves the mood and sleep patterns of the mother. It also reduces the pregnancy aches and pains most of us complain about.

Weight management is also a great factor for pregnant women. Why? This is because gestational diabetes and preeclampsia may happen any time. By exercising you can keep both at bay and you will be prepared for childbirth. It strengthens muscles and builds endurance which you will need in the delivery. It is much easier to get back in shape after childbirth! ---> Something we all moms look forward to! :-)