Thursday, September 25, 2014

How New Moms can Regain Energy and Strength

New moms often lack the energy they need to faithfully care for their little angels. This is because the first few months of motherhood could be very demanding starting with the busy days and sleepless nights spent with your newborn. There are strategies that you must keep mind in order to be energised all throughout the year. They are as follows.

Never try to reduce weight – After giving birth, most new mothers are already thinking of losing weight. Instead of shedding the extra pounds, focus on staying alive strong for your baby. Dieting will make you lose more energy. It is best to engage in it a year after you have fully recovered your strength. 

Eat healthy breakfast daily – It is advisable for new moms to feast on protein-rich breakfast. Stay away from food that are rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Try eggs, fruits, oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast and you will never go wrong.

Eat small meals – Divide your three large meals into five small meals all throughout the day. This will help keep your energy up.  This is better than draining your body of the energy it needs by being super hungry and then filling it up with lots of food to be energised. If you’re not in the mood to eat meals, just stock in your fridge healthy snacks that you can easily grab once you feel hungry.

Drink lots of water – You’re most likely to get dehydrated because of the fatigue and sleeplessness that you’re experiencing. Gulping water can awaken you and keep your energy levels up. Keep a pitcher of water near your bed so that you can easily drink water in the evening. When you go out, always insert a bottle of water in your bag.