Friday, July 5, 2013

Outdoor Activities With Kids - Great Ways To Exercise The Body And Mind

photo courtesy of Google Images
Playing with board games and flash cards could be very boring for kids. Event though these games can sharpen their minds, there are other ways to have the same benefits while enjoying the outdoors with them. What's more, they can have fit bodies from playing under the sun with you. You might get surprised that you are shedding the extra fats too.

1) jumping on a giant trampoline
2) climbing trees and walls
3) joining camp activities
4) biking, skateboarding, skiing
5) swimming and exploring the shore for interesting stuffs like shells and starfish
6) briskwalking and jogging along parks
7) chasing after your pet dogs
8) learning dance moves  from street dancers

All the activities mentioned above can  provide a number of benefits to your child - mental, physical, psychological and social benefits. As you spend time in the outdoors, the kids get an opportunity to socialize with other kids and adults around.

Sweating out the stress and toxins they might have acquired from home or school. This cannot only increase their fitness level but also their concentration level. Consequently, they  can have higher grades in school and have a ready mind to know more.
As for your health as an adult, you can maintain a healthier heart, stronger bones and muscles and better memory.