Friday, October 4, 2013

Benefits Of Running

A mother who has just given birth would certain do everything to shed the pregnancy weight the soonest possible time. They say breastfeeding is the key to it. While that is true, you will also need to move your body and sweat to become the slim woman you once where.

I personally got into running for this purpose. It has been effective and I have noticed the gradual decrease in my waistline as early as week's time. To my surprise, I acquired other benefits from it particularly depression. There were times when I get sleep deprived because of the unusual waking and sleeping hours  of my newborn. Because of which I'm stressed out and lonely. When it's my husband turn to care for the baby,  I devote at least an hour each day to running. As I sweat, I feel relief and the loneliness just goes away.

One more thing I noticed when I reached a month of running is that I seldom get tired and my breathing has improved. Before I even became pregnant, there were physical activities which I was not able to do in a consecutive manner as I get tired fast. Running has gotten my entire body into top shape and my tolerance to physically-challenging activities increased.

Lastly, I have wider perspective in life. When  I run, I try to enjoy the sceneries and people I encounter along the way because I know enough that staying at home would not give me this opportunity.