Wednesday, November 16, 2016

4 Powerful Ways to Gain Back Your Self-Confidence

It’s common for Mums to experience lack of self-confidence especially after giving birth, after a divorce or with the advancement of years. While it is understandable to lose confidence in yourself during those times, you must resolve to overcome this and not to embrace it. Why? Low self-esteem can affect the way you handle obstacles, the way you value life ahead and your children’s faith in you. Here are some powerful actions that can help bring back your lost chutzpah.

1) Bring on positive vibes. Start by evaluating the people who are close to you - your family and friends. Stay away from people who pull you down and stay close to those who bring out the best in you. Next, get rid of negative thoughts in your head. You become what you think - just like the French philosopher Rene Descartes said, “Cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am).” Switch all your negative thoughts to the affirmative until you feel confident about yourself.

2) Change your body language. Does your body language exude lack of self-confidence? Yes? Practice holding your head up, sitting up straight and walking with your shoulders back - aligned with your spine. Also, act confidently and speak assertively when you’re with other people. This will take your self-esteem a notch higher and help you be in control of your surroundings.

3) Groom yourself.  If you look good, people will take notice and praise you. Hearing good things about yourself from other people can instantly boost your self-esteem by 100 percent. Exercise regularly. Take a bath daily. Wear clean and good-fitting clothes. If signs of aging are making you feel quite insecure, try some non-invasive and age-defying treatments. For example, have your teeth whitened. Pearly white teeth can brighten your smile and make you look years younger.

10 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

From Visually.

4) Keep a journal of your accomplishments. Think of all the things you have accomplished and write them down in a journal. Tough times will come and you will definitely need a reminder of how great you were in overcoming difficult obstacles. Read them whenever you feel low to get some inspiration and motivation.

Self-confidence is not inborn; it can be learned and improved just like any other skill. You can inspire other Mums to see their lives in a positive light by being self-confident at all times and not just during times of adversity. You will also be able set a good example for your children to imitate.