Saturday, January 3, 2015

Seven Things to Do After Tooth Extraction

I welcomed the New Year not with a bang but with a tooth extraction. The tooth for which I underwent a root canal therapy finally cracked and its roots were left deep into my gums. 

Together with the medication receipt, I received reminders from my dentist. She reminded me to take good care of the extraction site to avoid any infection. Read up to know the proper dental care to be practiced after extraction.

1. Bleeding is expected after extraction. Change the gauze every 20 minutes or so to control the bleeding. Hold the gauze firmly in place by biting or using finger pressure. If the bleeding continues,  apply a first measure. You can do this by folding a tea bag in two and placing it on the extraction site.

2. Do not disturb the wound when changing the gauze. This will help avoid irritation, infection and further bleeding.

3. Do not brush your teeth within 8 hours after extraction. When you're ready to brush your teeth, do it gently and avoid the extraction area.

4. Gargle with antiseptic mouthwash 24 hours after extraction to avoid infection.

5. Avoid doing things that can cause bleeding. Do not spit or suck through a straw. This will dislodge blood clot. This will also cause dry socket - a painful condition where a blood clot forms in the socket, or the hole where the tooth was.

6. If you're a smoker,  avoid smoking for at least 12 hours.

7. Eat ice cream or take cold drinks after extraction. This will help you feel comfortable. Stick with a soft diet on the first day. Drink plenty of fluids. Go back to your normal diet as soon as you can.