Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Go Paleo Diet - Is This Safe For Modern Moms?

The paleo diet can often be heard from celebrity moms who have been successful in shedding off the extra pounds in their bodies. As the term suggests, this kind of diet is related to how the cavemen used to eat. They eat all the edible meats, plants and fruits available in their surroundings without cooking them. 

'Is it safe?' This is the first question asked by regular moms who want to give it try. Many relevant articles say that it is safe and no record of death has been reported in relation to it. Since we are used to eating cooked food, our bodies might have a hard time adjusting to it and so it is wise to try everything in a slow phased manner.

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You can start by getting rid of the junk foods in your cupboard. Our bodies has the capability to burn fats fast but not glucose. It is actually the sugar from these junk foods which make us gain the extra pounds. Starting Monday to Friday, eat only fresh foods. There are a bunch of paleo diet meal plans available in the internet if you are clueless of what to eat. During the weekend, you can grab a bite of the foods you used to enjoy. In the coming weeks, slowly deprive yourself of such foods until your body gets fully comfortable with paleo meals.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Exercising When Expecting A Baby - Part 2

Walking, swimming and low-impact aerobics are great activities which give multiple benefits to the cardiovascular system of an expecting mother. If you do not have extra funds to buy pieces of exercise equipment or exercise wear, walking is something you can do as your womb increase in size. Walking would not hurt your knees and legs.

Low-impact aerobics may be done indoors or outdoors. You can do it on your own or with an instructor. As your heart gets stronger in every move, your body gets toned too. Pregnant moms who are scared of health risks against their babies take swimming classes just to exercise their bodies. Medical experts attest that swimming is the safest of all the exercises as the pregnant moms do not feel much pressure and weight when in the water.

As for flexibility, stretching and yoga may be included in a pregnant mom's daily routine. Yoga tones the muscle while they are being stretched to attain flexibility. Just like walking it has less impact on your joints. Be sure to take the intensity level that is fit for your condition though. Stretching, on the other hand, can free your muscles from strain. Gently stretch your upper and lower limbs for flexibility. Refrain from stretching harder or longer than what you can bear.