Friday, August 7, 2015

Bike Security: Ward Off the Bike Thief

There is no stopping thieves from stealing your bike. News and surveys show that the number of bikes stolen each year increase quicker than ever. This means while commuting to work or sightseeing downtown, your bike can be easily snatched from you when you are caught by these thieves off guard. What is worse, you can get hurt with such incident.

Before heading to a place on your bike, research first about the area and know whether it has provision for bike parking. Perhaps, you are planning to go biking to your company’s new office. Inquire if there is a rack outside the office building for the convenience of bikers like you. This is one important aspect of bike security. In the absence of a rack, scout for a nearby spot where you can park your bike.  Choose one that is well-lit. Never choose areas where parking is prohibited. Check the map if there are public buildings or a train station near your office building. They usually offer racks for bicycles.

Do not hit the road without having a lock for your vehicles. Locks may be small but they are key in keeping your wheels safe all the time. Never lock your bike by the handle because handles can be removed easily. Lock the wheels and the frame of your bike. For that matter, it is advisable to purchase two locks. However, do not be tempted to root for the cheap type of locks just to save money. Substandard locks cannot protect your bike at all especially if they can get broken with just one forceful pull. Treat pricey locks as good investments for your vehicle and your life as well. Lock your bike to a sturdy pole that does not bend or break or get pulled off easily. Bike safety tips must also be observed inside your homes. Store your vehicle in the part of your house which is not visible to many people. Lock it to the cement pillars inside your house. If you have a pet dog, you can have your pet guard your bike all the time.

As soon as you purchase your bike, stamp on it your post code. One post code should appear on the visible part of the bike and the other post code should appear its hidden part.  This will prepare your vehicle for registration and police identification.  Snap a couple of photos of your vehicle for documentation purposes. Observing this allows you to get your bike back should it be stolen from you. Another bike security practice you can take is to get an insurance for your vehicle specifically if it is the expensive type. This will take care of the money issues that may when your bike gets stolen. Say, you are paying for the bike in installments, your insurance can cover the payment responsibilities you might still have after the incident.