Monday, November 17, 2014

Motherhood 101 – What Makes a Good Mother

Who doesn’t want to be a good mother? Surely, every mother in the world tries her best to the kind of parent who is loved and honoured by her children. Researches show that there are certain traits that a mother must possess in order for her to be called a good mother. Keen to know them? Read the following.

Listening ear – Guiding your children is not all about talking. It involves listening too. A good mom just doesn’t order her children around. She listens to them with full attention when they want to speak their minds. A good mom knows the best time to listen and to talk.

Unconditional love – Times come when children behave badly or unexpectedly. At times like this, it is important for a mother to reassure her children of her unconditional love for them. Children usually feel and think that they’re less loved when they commit mistakes. Make it a habit to say “I love you” to them no matter what happens and no matter how old they are.

Teaching ability – A good mom takes note of her personal learnings and shares them with her kids. Whenever you’re with your kids – doing chores, walking to the park or finishing a task together – be relay to them nuggets of wisdom about life and other things like saving money, choosing a career, helping other people  or keeping a successful marriage.

Flexibility – Patience is a virtue that every good mother must have. Oftentimes, things will not turn out as planned.  You must be patient and flexible enough to suppress anger, keep children calm and resort to plan B.

Humility – Even a good mother will make mistakes.  It is noble to ask for your children’s forgiveness when you make mistakes. Make sure not to repeat them.

Consistency – A good mother strives for consistency in her discipline, punctuality and routines.  Consistency makes children feel secured that their mom is dependable in all circumstances.

Being a good role model – A good mother walks her talk. Children are good at observing their mom so you better model to them how you want them to grow up as adults.