Thursday, May 15, 2014

Riding 101 - How To Get A Sponsor Today

Every year hundreds of riders look for sponsorship so they can become part of forthcoming competitions. Equestrianism or riding is a very expensive sport so it’s understandable why riders need the help of sponsoring companies.
These days,most companies have become more prudent in choosing riders to represent their brands. They want to make the most out of their sponsorship. Therefore, they are most likely to sponsor riders who can assure a huge return of investment for them. This makes it even harder for many riders out there to survive the battle of sponsorship.

While getting a riding sponsor is difficult, it is doable. To start off, you must know how to do it correctly. There will be a number of obstacles along the way and so your determination to acquire a sponsorship must be rock solid as well.

Be outstanding. What makes you different from other riders out there? You must be able to stand out in the field. Companies want endorses whoare extremely skilled because they are also likely to be popular and can therefore more easily promote their products and services. If you aren’t at the top of your game, consider reviewing your profile and your horse's profile instead for interesting points. Both of you might have a unique story that can appeal to companies with very specific target market.

Do not focus on financial support. There are companies that offer free products and services rather than monetary help. Do not close your doors to this type of sponsorship. Free products and services can help you save.

Walk your talk. If you say you like and use a certain brand, make sure that it is true. Pretense promotion can leave you empty-handed in the end. Approach companies offering the products and services you truly patronise.

A Horse Rider
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why Adults Must Play

There is a child in every one of us. Because of that, there are moments when we long to free ourselves and just play. Thanks to piles of responsibilities and conviction of acting like an adult that we fail to give in to that inner desire to play around.

Adult life is generally characterized by stress – stress from work, stress from home, etc. According to psychological experts, all these stresses can be converted into flowing vital energy and positive mood if only adults bring their guards down and play.

So what kind of play should you play? The ones that encourage physical activity and laughing are the best. Say, you can play tag or a sport with your adult friends or kids. When you play, free your mind of destructive thoughts. Example: what your neighbours might think about you when you play. On the other hand, be cautious that you don’t ruin your reputation with whatever you do.

If possible, play on a regular basis. Schedule one with your friends or co-workers every weekend or three times a week after work hours. If you don’t like physical activities, schedule movie nights or food trips with them. These will get the stress off your  head and your energy overflowing.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Therapeutic Horseback Riding - Interesting Facts To Know

Have you heard of therapeutic horseback riding? It is an ancient means of curing diseases or correcting disabilities. The Greeks are said to be the first people who discovered the healing power of horseback riding or equine-assisted activities. However, the Germans are the first to coin the term therapeutic as they engaged people with orthopedic dysfunctions like scoliosis to it for treatment purposes.

Therapeutic horseback riding can improve a rider’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills. The degree or level of improvement, on the other hand, differs from one rider to another depending on individual motivation and severity of disability. 

Even though your children do not exhibit any sort of disability, it will be beneficial for them to learn horseback riding at an early age. They can have improved physical condition by doing so. This includes balance, correct posture, coordination, faster reflexes and muscular strength. In their psychological and emotional aspects, they can have increased self-confidence, self-discipline and risk-taking abilities. As they are able to harmoniously work with  a gentle giant, their fears of whatever nature will eventually subside. Lastly, they can have increased knowledge as they get more interested about horses and other related topics.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Heat Wave And You - Escaping Deadly Heat

Heat wave is a common phenomenon in oceanic countries. It is a prolonged period of  excessively hot weather accompanied by high percentage of humidity. There is no exact temperature as far as announcement of heat wave is concerned. It is because a normal weather in a hot country could mean a 'heat wave' in a cold country.

Most recent researches show that heatwave is caused by global warming. Due to global warming, heatwave can also happen longer or more frequently than usual.

Heat wave has deadly effects on all living organisms on the planet. During summer, reports of death due to heat stress increase. It is a condition where in the body absorbs more heat than what it can expel. Consequently, salt, water and electrolytes in the body deplete continuously. Without  any relief, this can lead to instant death.

Death by heat wave can be avoided. First of all, you must be conscious about the length of time you stay under the sun. If possible, refrain from working or doing physical activities under the sun. Keep yourself cool in an air-conditioned room. Drink as much water as you can to avoid getting dehydrated. More so, avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks as they can decrease the water levels within your body.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Wonderful Benefits Of Hiking

Do you find the time to hike with your family? Hiking is a wonderful outdoor activity which can serve many purposes for your family. So, if you have not tried it, arrange your schedule and insert hiking into your to-do list.

Hiking can provide your children a wider perspective of the world. Spending a lot of hours with in the four corners of their room can make your little ones' perception of life, of the world limited. As you hike and explore outdoors together, you can go on teaching them life's greatest lessons.

As for your physical health, hiking can fine tune your bodily conditions. Got high cholesterol and weak bones and muscles? Hiking can pull down your cholesterol level while strengthening your whole body. More so, hiking allows you to breathe in fresh air which is badly needed by the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems of the body.

Believe it or not, hiking is also key in  curing depression. Climbing up and down the terrains give you wonderful things to gaze at. Thus, your attention is lifted from anything that causes your stress and sadness. Afterwards, you can think better during the day and sleep better during the night.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Most Moms Fail Keeping Their New Year's Resolutions

Every new year, most moms list down a lengthy new year's resolution they pledge to keep. They usually succeed in the first week if not in the first three days of the month only. Afterwards, everything  else goes back to how they used to be even before positive habits get formed in twenty-one days. Why is that? Are moms meant to be a failure in this kind of stuff?

I don't think we moms are doomed to fail. We simply create a list of UNREALISTIC resolutions which are capabilities may never allow. Our listed goals can be unrealistic when they are measurable and when they are set to be accomplished with in an unreasonable time frame.

Besides setting unrealistic goals, we forget to condition our minds and hearts to be tough and battle for the very meaningful goals we desire to complete. Our brains and thoughts are powerful enough to command our bodies what they must do. Therefore, we must fortify our mindset and our inner strength to avoid failure with the resolutions we make.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fit Moms Mean Secured Kids

If you are quite observant, you would notice that many moms are aiming to be fit today. After giving birth for a month or two, they are already hitting the gym to shed the extra pounds they gained during pregnancy.

Fitting in their previous clothes could be one of the reasons for this. Being able to wear their pre-maternity clothes means they can save enough money for the needs of their new babies. 

However, there is a deeper cause for this fitness decision among most moms. They want to protect or secure their kids against anyone or anything that can hurt them. An example of this would be protection from physical assault. Like it or not and ready or not, our kids could be a direct victim of any crime possible. If we moms are not strong enough to protect ourselves, how else can we defend our kids? Moreover, sickly moms could mean huge liabilities or responsibilities for very young kids. Instead of taking care of their kids, they are the ones who are taken care of by their kids. How else can their little ones enjoy their childhood?

Getting fit does not happen overnight. It includes realization of baby steps you take one at a time. Start today before it is too late.