Friday, July 31, 2015

Saliva Testing - A Step to Understanding Your Overall Well-Being

Saliva testing is one of the most effective ways to gauge your overall wellness. In fact, it has been useful in the detection of possible disabilities in the human body.

Primarily, saliva facilitates our eating and speech processes. When it comes to eating, this substance enhances the taste of the food we eat.  Moreover, it makes the chewing and the digestion of food a lot easier. On the other hand, its lubricating motor functions enable us to utter sound speech.  Secondly, it promotes dental health as it re-mineralizes the enamel of the teeth and controls the production of plaque.
A saliva testing that results to a PH of 7.0 indicates healthy dental and oral conditions. Therefore, the possibility for dental decay is low. However, when the result is PH below 7.0, Acidemia occurs. Acidemia is the abnormal acidity of the blood. This means the person's mouth is prone to dental decay, halitosis, and periodontitis. In the case of chronic acidemia, the whole body may be susceptible to harmful diseases.

Acidemia maybe brought about by a person's dietary lifestyle and some environmental patterns.  A few of its causes are: exposures to processed foods, excessive amounts of red meats, white flour, refined sugars, coffee and colas, chronic stress, little or no exercise, and daily exposures to environmental toxins.

With dental and oral problems in focus, Acidemia can cause canker soars, sensitive teeth, gum inflammation, calculus build up, and bone loss. In terms of general health, it causes fatigue, weight gain, sinus problems, headaches, depressions, irritabilities, cancer growth, muscle pains, osteoporosis, and allergies.

Saliva tests are best conducted in the morning as soon as you wake up. Eating and drinking is also prohibited if you are to undergo this procedure. Hydrion PH test paper is all you need to buy in order to perform it. Most dental clinics or drug stores have them. You can go on with the procedure on your own. However, it is best done by a professional so as to address any disorder that it may reveal right away.

Besides the diagnosis of dental and oral diseases, examination of the saliva has expanded to include identification of diabetes, obesity, cancer and other metabolism related disorders. Instead of drawing blood from people being tested of these diseases, the testing of saliva has paved the way to immediate treatment as the information it provides is highly-accurate.  

Saliva testing has also been effective in the detection of alcohol and drug presence in the body. It is preferred by many because it is convenient and discrete. The collection of the needed saliva maybe done in public. Despite that, it is difficult to cheat or manipulate the results when it comes to tracking use of illegal drugs and alcohol. Whether done on your own using testing packages or with the aid of a specialist, the procedure is guaranteed affordable.

Friday, July 24, 2015

How Moms Can Benefit from Cosmetic Dentistry

For a time, there has been a misconception that cosmetic dentistry procedures are made solely for the benefit of those who make a living through their physical appearance - actors, models and singers to name a few. But this is certainly not true because simple moms like you and me can benefit from it.

Correction of gaps in between teeth is one of the many services offered in cosmetic industry. This can definitely improve your smile and overall appearance. However, its foremost benefit is to make the position of your teeth right so that you can chew your food with much ease.

This is a clear picture that cosmetic dentistry shares the same importance with general dentistry. If you are keen to observe, you will see that their treatments are a perfect match. When a regular is done fixing your damaged teeth, a cosmetic dentist can then carry out their skills to bring back the shine to your once dull teeth.

Teeth alignment, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and teeth filling are the most common of the varied processes that cosmetic dental treatment includes. Solutions for broken and malformed teeth and provisions for useful tooth wear could also be found under this branch of dentistry.

The above-mentioned are said to improve the patient's condition for a lifetime unlike the regular dental procedures which need to be redone after some months. This is one of the factors that make a number of people seek help from cosmetic dentists even though their services may cost more. Moreover, you can now expect painless execution of these procedures with the help of modern technology. In fact, you can enjoy quick cure without suffering infections like swollen gums. This is a breakthrough in the field of dentistry - saying goodbye to the traditional and painful ways that scare away people with dental problems.

Again, cosmetic dentistry procedures cost more than the regular treatments done by local dentists. People see this fact in two ways. Firstly, some people see it as waste of money. Secondly, some people see it as an investment. Would it be better to consider the second thought as their benefits could affect any patient even for a life time?

As we smile, we give others the opportunity to take a peek on our teeth's real condition. And with that they create an impression about us. Most people get distracted when they talk with someone missing his two front teeth. What is sad about this is that different people may give different reactions to such a scenario. You can never expect people to be polite with what to say or think about all the time. Here is where the self-esteem of the concerned person gets affected. Would this not say enough why broken or gapped teeth must be fixed?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are a good choice to improve anyone's oral health and enhance appearance. However, we must observe healthy habits and refrain from drinking and smoking among others to ensure proper teeth care.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Witnessing a Traumatic Event - What Can It Do to Someone?

Do you have a loved one who has been acting strangely lately? Do you want to help him, but you just don't know how? Don't fret or panic. He might just be experiencing the aftereffects of  having witnessed a traumatic event.

Witnessing a traumatic event can affect a person’s emotional, mental and physical health. Consequently, they might behave and feel differently after the impact. It is normal to experience these symptoms. They usually cease within a few weeks. However, if they continue for a month or so, this can lead to post traumatic stress disorder. The infographic below from Nungkari shows all the signs and symptoms of this disorder.

Do I Have PTSD? - The Signs & Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

You can help your loved one overcome post traumatic stress disorder by doing the following:

1) Talk to him - Let him know that you're ready to listen to him. Do this in a very gentle manner. He might feel uncomfortable about sharing his feeling and thoughts at first. Talking it out will help him feel better faster.

2) Encourage him to do something he enjoys - Redirect his attention to his hobbies or to his pets. Invite him to go out with you and go with him somewhere he feels comfortable and can relax.

3) Remind him to eat healthily and to have enough sleep - Staying healthy is important during times of stress. Ask him to sit down with you every meal time so you can make sure he doesn't miss any meals. If he dislikes eating with you, always leave some food that he can eat when he's hungry. Help him get regular good sleep by keeping noise and distractions to a minimum.

4) Talk to his support system - Ask his friends, schoolmates or co-workers to drop by. It might be easier for him to talk about it with them than with you. Talking to others will make him realize that he's not alone. It will also help to keep more positive.

5) Stop him from drinking alcohol or taking drugs - He might resort to alcohol or drugs to alter his mood or to numb his feelings. Gently tell him that doing this will only make him feel worse. Avoid reprimanding him because this might cause him to clam up.

Sometimes, love and care are not enough to help a loved one cope with stress. Talk to a professional if his reactions to stress start to affect his work and his quality of life. Ask for recommendations only from people you trust.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Best Ways to Prepare Yourself Before Running

Many people are hitting the roads with their running shoes on these days for many reasons. Shedding off the extra pounds, relieving stress in an enjoyable way and strengthening bonds with their loved ones are the common ones. Whatever your personal reason might be, it is important for you to prepare your mind and body before you run. Here are some tips that can help you do so.

Consult your physician - Although dashing distances cautiously seem safe for everyone, you will never know how it is going to impact your body. It is wise to first let your physician know your decision to run regularly. Be honest in letting your doctor know your real condition. This will enable him to give you proper advise on the type of running that you can and cannot do.

Follow a program - Having a program makes you benefit from the exercise. This means you get to manage your weight, boost your fitness level and keep yourself safe from injuries while jogging. With a definite program, you will be guided on the exact days, hours and location of your drills.

Start slowly - As a beginner your body may not be used to the strain running entails. For the first week, try walking some miles first. Then, gradually increase the miles you cover as you do brisk walking.  Afterwards, you can start jogging at a leisurely speed. Keep doing the same as your body gets ready to dash as much miles.

Check your body system - While it is common to feel drained and experience body ache after running, it is no longer safe if you are experiencing prolonged difficulties in certain parts of your body. Observe your breathing. Feel your waist, legs, shoulders and ankles for any signs of extreme pain. Your drills would be worthless if all they have caused you are injuries.

Set objectives - Why are your sweating on the race tracks? Do you need to improve your health by losing some weight? Or do you want to join and win a competition? Whatever your goal may be write it down. Make it measurable as well. This is one of the running tips for beginners that will motivate you to do your best and keep on leveling up.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Boost Your Body's Strength with These Exercises

Are you a mom athlete who needs to strengthen your body for an upcoming competition?  Well, even if you're not,  read the following tips on how you can get your strength level improved.

Kettlebell Long Cycles: As the name suggests, this exercise needs a pair of Kettlebells. Lifting them up to a certain height repeatedly helps develop strong hips, glutes, core muscles, shoulders, and overall cardiovascular conditioning.

Cycling: Cycling is important to mom athletes because it keeps them away from injuries. How? By strengthening the connective tissues of the hip, knee, and ankle regions. Additionally, the quadriceps, shins, calf muscles, and hamstrings are conditioned too in this strength training workout.

Swimming: Swimming exercises seem to be a part of very training program for athletes of different sports. It has the capacity to toughen the muscles through repeated strokes in water while muscular pains are being pacified. Overall, swimming improves a mom athlete's flexibility, breathing and oxygen-holding capacity.

Deep Water Running: While it could be strenuous to the body, it is advisable for getting the muscles ready for the jerks and shocks they might encounter on the ground. Athletes recovering from injuries are recommended to do this as the therapy and training they will get will pose less danger on their healing body parts. This is because water eases the impact of these exercises.

Elliptical Trainer Exercises: An elliptical trainer is ideal for strength training. This is because they need to tone the major muscles in their body that are needed to perform. Creatively designed, this equipment allows skiing, hiking and mountain climbing experiences.

Rowing Machine Exercises: The goal of exercising on a rowing machine is to make the quadriceps, buttocks, hips, and upper body stronger. Let a trainer show you the proper positioning of your arms, necks and shoulders while working out on a rowing machine.

Running Uphill: Running on flat surfaces results to easy running. If you're a mom runner, you'll benefit much from this. It engages the same sets of muscles disregarding the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Strength training for runners on hills can focus on the development of the said muscles so that they could run longer distances faster.