Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Therapeutic Horseback Riding - Interesting Facts To Know

Have you heard of therapeutic horseback riding? It is an ancient means of curing diseases or correcting disabilities. The Greeks are said to be the first people who discovered the healing power of horseback riding or equine-assisted activities. However, the Germans are the first to coin the term therapeutic as they engaged people with orthopedic dysfunctions like scoliosis to it for treatment purposes.

Therapeutic horseback riding can improve a rider’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive, behavioral and educational skills. The degree or level of improvement, on the other hand, differs from one rider to another depending on individual motivation and severity of disability. 

Even though your children do not exhibit any sort of disability, it will be beneficial for them to learn horseback riding at an early age. They can have improved physical condition by doing so. This includes balance, correct posture, coordination, faster reflexes and muscular strength. In their psychological and emotional aspects, they can have increased self-confidence, self-discipline and risk-taking abilities. As they are able to harmoniously work with  a gentle giant, their fears of whatever nature will eventually subside. Lastly, they can have increased knowledge as they get more interested about horses and other related topics.