Sunday, December 7, 2014

Six Steps to Raising Active Kids

It is quite difficult to raise active kids these days because of the many gadgets that they enjoy these days. This is something that parents should be alarmed about because their health is suffering. In fact, researches show that more and more kids are becoming obese and dying at an early change because of inactivity. Do you want to raise active kids? Check out the following tips.

Lead the way – Show your kids how they can have an active lifestyle. Be a role a model yourself. Kids usually pick up what their parents do. If they see you exercise or play outdoors, they are most likely to follow what you do. This is especially true for kids who are under seven years old.

Have fun together – Invite them to walk to the park and play games there. Jump, run and play tag with them. You will all laugh, sweat and have fun. You will be surprised that you’re benefiting from these physical activities too.

Scrap the junk food – All kinds of junk food are energy busters. They make kids feel down. If you want your kids to be active and exercise, provide them with fruits and vegetables. These are rich with enzymes that boost up energy levels in the body.

Discourage screen time – Your kids will not be interested in playing outdoors if they’re watching TV or playing computer games. Confiscate their gadgets for a while and divert their attention to physical activities.

Enjoy the rain – Don’t let the rain stop you and your kids from playing outdoors. Play in the rain. Do the same when the snow comes.