Thursday, December 18, 2014

Marathon Race 101 - Best Preparation Tips for Moms

A lot of moms today are joining marathons in order to keep themselves fit while having a sense of achievement in their lives. Winning a race is not easy. If you're dreaming of winning one, observe the following tips.

Clear your mind - Stop worrying on how long the race is going to last and how far it will take. Focus on the things you must do to get closer to your target. If the word 'ultra' brings shivers to your spine, try to remove it from your vocabulary and start treating this marathon just like any other race that you can accomplish. Believe on what you can do during the ultra marathon training.

Wear comfy clothes and shoes - Never fall into the trap of buying running clothes and shoes that look beautiful but do not fit you well. Perfect fit and comfort are two considerations to keep in mind when buying your outfit. This means you must not get irritated wearing them as you run. During you training, it is advisable to wear clothes that will complement with the weather. On cold days, wear tops that get rid of sweat quickly. You can wear plain shirts on warmer days. 

Train gradually - In here, you must get the picture that training in longer periods with gradual increase in the drills is advisable. Some runners want to cover long distances in a short span of time. They think this can speed up their skills building. This is not true. This will only make you susceptible to injuries during ultra marathon preparation. Afterwards, you can increase them up to two miles per week. For the firs ten miles, an increase of one mile per week is best. Afterwards, you can increase them up to two miles per week.

Research about the race path - Is it going to be on a flat ground all the time? Or would there be uphills and downhills? Whichever is the case, you must be able to train your body on the exact terrains that the race will cover. This will make your body running comfortably come race day.

Watch your diet - You can eat as much and drink as much. Just make sure that the substances you take in your body are healthy. Refrain from munching of junkfoods. Besides being unable to nourish your body, they steal the small amount of energy left on your body after you train. Instead go for fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in minerals. Drink lots of water. Sports drinks are great in replacing the expended electrolytes in your body.