Thursday, December 25, 2014

Marathon Diet for Running Moms

Carbohydrates, fats, protein and fiber are the key nutrients that can keep marathon moms going through the difficult days of training. When making a nutritional plan, their proper amounts must be regarded because they play important roles in a marathon training diet.

Carbohydrates and fats are perfect energy sources. Moreover, the amount of oxygen they yield per unit keeps runners from experiencing shortness of breath as they try to perform at their best.

Intense workouts damaged the muscle tissues. The healing and repairing wonders of protein allow them to be in good condition once again. Fiber, on one hand, makes runners heart disease free and healthy all through out the physical activities they endure.

Here are the must-have foods for all those who are running to win their dream race. Along each are the indispensable benefits.

Water - We can't underscore enough the importance of water to a marathon diet. Continuously sweating drains the body of the important vitamins and minerals that makes its systems function properly. More so, proper water intake can hydrate the body keeping important fluids in it in perfect balance.

Fruits and vegetables - They are the energizers that makes the body able to train each day because of the enzymes and nutrients they provide.

Fish, chicken, lean pork and beef
- The amount of protein gained from eating them increases the endurance level of a runner. With endurance, an athlete can stand running longer distances at greater speeds.

Healthy fats and oils - Not all fats are to be avoided. Those coming from fruits like avocados can give the extra energy the body needs during strenuous activities. Nuts, flaxseed oil, canola oil, corn oil and egg yolks are other sources of these important elements.

Cereals and grains - Known as providers of complex-carbohydrates, they push runners to do their best during trainings.

Following is a list of foods that must be avoided because they can rob the body of the ability to function at its best.

Junk food  - Hamburgers, fried chicken and potato fries are the common fast foods that are enticing to it. No matter how tasty they are, they must be resisted as they are loaded with saturated fats and low-quality carbohydrates. The same goes for junk foods like sodas, chips and candies.

Frozen and packaged food - Often lacking nutritional value, these foods often include chemical additives preservatives.