Friday, May 20, 2016

Sweat Trivia - Things You Don't Know About Sweat

Many people hate sweat because of its unpleasant smell, the uneasiness it brings and for many other reasons. But, did you know that sweat or sweating is important to human existence because of the many benefits that come with it? Here are some

It promotes weight loss. Water-soluble fat molecules are released together with water whenever you sweat especially during workout. This results to a permanent decrease in weight.

It relieves pain. Intense workout can be painful. You can successfully complete such workout by sweating in the process. Why? It's because sweating enables the release of beta endorphins which promotes a feeling of well-being and a euphoric high during physical activities.

It rids the body of harmful toxins. Heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and chemicals stored in your body fats are all eliminated when you sweat. The same is true for cancer-causing phalates.

It raises cortisol levels and increases sex drive. The scent of androstadienone in male sweat can raise cortisol levels for up to an hour and increase a waning sex drive when in women. High cortisol levels also allow people to set goals and be driven to achieve them.

Sweating is a good thing except when it makes you stink. If you're not confident about the scent of your sweat, consider changing your diet. Studies show that the sweat of a meat-eater smells worse than the sweat of a vegetarian. Going vegetarian can also help you manage your weight.