Sunday, February 16, 2014

Heat Wave And You - Escaping Deadly Heat

Heat wave is a common phenomenon in oceanic countries. It is a prolonged period of  excessively hot weather accompanied by high percentage of humidity. There is no exact temperature as far as announcement of heat wave is concerned. It is because a normal weather in a hot country could mean a 'heat wave' in a cold country.

Most recent researches show that heatwave is caused by global warming. Due to global warming, heatwave can also happen longer or more frequently than usual.

Heat wave has deadly effects on all living organisms on the planet. During summer, reports of death due to heat stress increase. It is a condition where in the body absorbs more heat than what it can expel. Consequently, salt, water and electrolytes in the body deplete continuously. Without  any relief, this can lead to instant death.

Death by heat wave can be avoided. First of all, you must be conscious about the length of time you stay under the sun. If possible, refrain from working or doing physical activities under the sun. Keep yourself cool in an air-conditioned room. Drink as much water as you can to avoid getting dehydrated. More so, avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks as they can decrease the water levels within your body.