Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Why Moms Quit Fitness Programs

Most moms abandon fitness programs after trying them for a few months. Although they have serious intentions when they started, they simply fall out of their game plans for varied reasons.

1) Lack of time. Moms are always long on responsibilities and short on time especially when they don't have a hired help or a partner to help them in raising  the kids and taking care of the house. The best thing a busy mom can do is to put exercise under her non-negotiable to-do list. This means you must not entertain any excuse that will keep you from exercising.

2) Impatience. Yes, most moms are impatient. They want to see improvement in their appearance right away. They easily give up when they don't turn out to be a  Jennifer Aniston after three months of exercise. Know that a good figure is built through much time, effort and discipline. If you quit halfway, you just won't get it.

3) Wrong motivation. "I'm not a Hollywood Star. So, I don't need to be fit." Being fit and healthy is more than just looking good. If you think exercise is all about acquiring good looks, you have the wrong motivation in mind. As a parent, you must exercise and eat healthy for the benefit of your children and other people who are depending on you. If you love your family, stay fit and healthy.

The following steps might help you not quit your quest to be fit:

1) Have a healthy perception of yourself.
2) Seek professional reinforcement.
3) Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely).
4) Create a training plan.
5) Stick with your plan.