Friday, July 3, 2015

Boost Your Body's Strength with These Exercises

Are you a mom athlete who needs to strengthen your body for an upcoming competition?  Well, even if you're not,  read the following tips on how you can get your strength level improved.

Kettlebell Long Cycles: As the name suggests, this exercise needs a pair of Kettlebells. Lifting them up to a certain height repeatedly helps develop strong hips, glutes, core muscles, shoulders, and overall cardiovascular conditioning.

Cycling: Cycling is important to mom athletes because it keeps them away from injuries. How? By strengthening the connective tissues of the hip, knee, and ankle regions. Additionally, the quadriceps, shins, calf muscles, and hamstrings are conditioned too in this strength training workout.

Swimming: Swimming exercises seem to be a part of very training program for athletes of different sports. It has the capacity to toughen the muscles through repeated strokes in water while muscular pains are being pacified. Overall, swimming improves a mom athlete's flexibility, breathing and oxygen-holding capacity.

Deep Water Running: While it could be strenuous to the body, it is advisable for getting the muscles ready for the jerks and shocks they might encounter on the ground. Athletes recovering from injuries are recommended to do this as the therapy and training they will get will pose less danger on their healing body parts. This is because water eases the impact of these exercises.

Elliptical Trainer Exercises: An elliptical trainer is ideal for strength training. This is because they need to tone the major muscles in their body that are needed to perform. Creatively designed, this equipment allows skiing, hiking and mountain climbing experiences.

Rowing Machine Exercises: The goal of exercising on a rowing machine is to make the quadriceps, buttocks, hips, and upper body stronger. Let a trainer show you the proper positioning of your arms, necks and shoulders while working out on a rowing machine.

Running Uphill: Running on flat surfaces results to easy running. If you're a mom runner, you'll benefit much from this. It engages the same sets of muscles disregarding the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Strength training for runners on hills can focus on the development of the said muscles so that they could run longer distances faster.