Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why Adults Must Play

There is a child in every one of us. Because of that, there are moments when we long to free ourselves and just play. Thanks to piles of responsibilities and conviction of acting like an adult that we fail to give in to that inner desire to play around.

Adult life is generally characterized by stress – stress from work, stress from home, etc. According to psychological experts, all these stresses can be converted into flowing vital energy and positive mood if only adults bring their guards down and play.

So what kind of play should you play? The ones that encourage physical activity and laughing are the best. Say, you can play tag or a sport with your adult friends or kids. When you play, free your mind of destructive thoughts. Example: what your neighbours might think about you when you play. On the other hand, be cautious that you don’t ruin your reputation with whatever you do.

If possible, play on a regular basis. Schedule one with your friends or co-workers every weekend or three times a week after work hours. If you don’t like physical activities, schedule movie nights or food trips with them. These will get the stress off your  head and your energy overflowing.