Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Most Moms Fail Keeping Their New Year's Resolutions

Every new year, most moms list down a lengthy new year's resolution they pledge to keep. They usually succeed in the first week if not in the first three days of the month only. Afterwards, everything  else goes back to how they used to be even before positive habits get formed in twenty-one days. Why is that? Are moms meant to be a failure in this kind of stuff?

I don't think we moms are doomed to fail. We simply create a list of UNREALISTIC resolutions which are capabilities may never allow. Our listed goals can be unrealistic when they are measurable and when they are set to be accomplished with in an unreasonable time frame.

Besides setting unrealistic goals, we forget to condition our minds and hearts to be tough and battle for the very meaningful goals we desire to complete. Our brains and thoughts are powerful enough to command our bodies what they must do. Therefore, we must fortify our mindset and our inner strength to avoid failure with the resolutions we make.